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Deisy Vanegas

Deisy Vanegas holds a Master degree in Counselling Psychology (Completed in Canada) with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology (completed in Colombia). Deisy is a member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. Over the last 25 years, Deisy has gained extensive experience working with complex issues like sexual abuse, violence, trauma, substance abuse, and mental health issues. Through her career, Deisy has provided direct counselling, supervised programs, and inspired new professionals to serve others.

Before she moved to Canada, she was the Provincial Clinical Director of a well-known non-profit organization that works with substance abuse. Most recently, Deisy has been working with women who have been affected by substance abuse, mental health, and trauma as a result of abuse and violence. Also, for the last eight years, Deisy worked as the program manager for an agency who supports abused women and children.

In her clinical practice, Deisy manages an eclectic approach according to the strengths, needs, and resources of the individual. Deisy applies elements of the trauma-informed practices, the stages of recovery, the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

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Personal Statement

Deisy career has centered on supporting people to change their current situations and improve the quality of their lives.  This focus has remained on whether Deisy has provided direct counselling, developing and monitoring programs, or inspiring new professionals. Deisy firmly believes that everything that has learned can be unlearned, and we can learn to give a different meaning to our experiences; and every day, Deisy has amazed by the human capacity to redefine ourselves.

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